Monday, March 8, 2010

PowerTeacher Gradebook Individual student reports

A middle school teacher asked how to print a report they could give to a student that showed just that student's assignments and scores for the quarter.  They wanted to use it with the targeted tutoring and ZAP. 

Here is how to set up to print the reports for just a select group of students.

In PowerTeacher Gradebook - Open the class that contains the student/s,   then in the left column, click the plus sign under the Student Group Heading to create a Group Set,
Name the group set.
When you close the box, it will create a group set with a group under it. You may right click on the group, select Edit, and rename the group.

After your group is created, be sure the Scoresheet is open with the roster of students showing.  Select the student you want to put it the group and drag their name into the Group box.    You may hold down the control key and select several students, then just click and drag one of them to the group box and the rest will follow.

Once you have the group populated with the students you want,  click on the group to select it, then go to the Reports screen,  choose Individual Student Report.
It will have several options, you'll probably want to leave them set as is, with the exception of Students:  Choose Selected Group     and Date Range - Put in Q3 or the appropriate time frame you want.

Then Run the report.   

If you didn't change it, the report will be generated as a PDF, so Adobe reader will open it and then you can print it to give to your students.

BTW, if you are in Middle school and require assistance with this, Mr. Durnell  has grasped this concept at a  mastery level and should be able to help.

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